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Back to the Back Yard Burger History

The year was 1987. Boomboxes were blaring and shoulder pad suits were a must. Every dad had a moustache. Every mom, a perm.

The place: Lattimore M. Michael’s grocery store in Cleveland, Mississippi. It's in this store that Mr. Michael started serving one-of-a-kind, homemade hamburgers. And much like the best back yard cookouts, people flocked, driving from miles around to get a taste.

Thus, the first Back Yard Burgers was born.


The Back Yard Burgers Difference

Styles may have changed since that first Back Yard Burgers, but the big, bold back yard taste we serve has not. Today, we only use 100% Black Angus Beef, continuously working with a team of beef experts to study how to raise the best meat, the perfect way to form a patty and how to retain flavor and tenderness. 

After all that love, we wouldn’t dream of putting these primo patties under a heat lamp. Instead, we cook each order individually on a real grill.

Demanding? Maybe. More delicious? You bet.

The Back Yard Burgers Restaurants

We've expanded since Lattimore Michael's grocery store in 1987. Today, you can find a Back Yard Burgers in 12 states across the country. Find one near you

The Back Yard Burgers Mission

To create and cook a burger that’s just as good as the one you’d grill in your back yard — maybe even better.

The Back Yard Burgers Corporate Office

Back Yard Burgers, Inc.
St. Cloud Corner
500 Church Street, Suite 200
Nashville, TN 37219
P: 615.620.2300
F: 615.620.2301

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